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When initially engaging Ardalane, our Brentwood Project client said at the start of our journey that although he was keen to renovate and update his house, he wasn’t that interested in getting too involved overall and would leave the majority of the decision making to his partner. We began by following our usual process, taking a full design brief, completing conceptual furniture plans with a conceptual lighting scheme and then presenting these to the client for their appraisal and feedback, then made any required revisions.

We visualised an area of the house chosen by the client, which in this case was the Cinema Room, so that the client could get a feel for what a completed room would look like instead of just looking at the 2D drawings and samples of all of the finishes that were proposed. When we shared our visualisations with our client, he was blown away with our concept and started sharing the visuals with friends and family to show them how his new Cinema Room would look. We were then asked to visualise the entrance hallway and stairwell, office/study, master bedroom, master en-suite and family bathroom so that our client could see how all of the key rooms on the project would look. So we went from having, by his own admission a fairly disengaged client to one that was fully engaged and enjoying the journey with us as we developed the design of his project.

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