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Brentwood - Show Garage and Entertainment Space

Project Overview: To design and create a bespoke garage and entertainment area. Bringing together modern architectural elements such as glass and metal juxtaposing the existing traditional home and country landscape. Creating a space two vehicle turntables internally. Space for entertaining with a seating area for a group of 8 people including a bar area and wine room. Lighting design including mood settings for the all areas. Conceptual Design Phase: After completing an initial site inspection and initial survey of the area we took a full design brief from the client which then formed the basis of the conceptual design phase.


The next stage was to create a conceptual space plan for the building incorporating all the elements identified in the design brief. After sharing initial sketches with the client for their comment and feedback we developed the concept further incorporating all feedback to get us to a stage where the client signed off on the conceptual space plan. We then completed a conceptual lighting design (RCP) based on the approved floor plan, a 2D front elevation, conceptual finishes specification and identified the mechanical and electrical requirements. We then put together a draft budget for the fitout of the space and a basic scope of works to be used for a basic costing for constructing the shell, so that the client could assess if the project was financially viable. We then collated all of the information from the conceptual design phase into a presentation for the client.


Now that the conceptual design phase is complete our next stage is to estimate the costs to build the space as a 3D model and to move forward with the detailed design phase.

We also helped the client detail the car by producing renders with different finishes shown as Lamborghini’s own website could not go in to as much detail as we could and he was not allowed to travel and do this in person with Lamborghini.

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