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How can Ardalane Design help with my project?

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

How can Ardalane help with my project?

At Ardalane, we choose to refer to ourselves as Designers, as we are experienced in offering a very broad-spectrum services, but these are predominantly design led and other ancillary services that compliment our design work. We offer a full service – interior architecture or interior design - depending on the project scope. We also believe that design is holistic, and we should work alongside an architect from the beginning of a project with everyone focused on doing what is best for the project. We feel the two disciplines of architecture and interior design should be developed holistically to coexist. The two practices are intrinsic to one another at construction stages and therefore the development of each side of the design needs to be similarly unified throughout the process to ensure details, costs and timelines can all align.

This also means that interior finishes are never just an afterthought, but something that is considered, detailed and budgeted for at the earliest opportunity. We derive great pleasure from managing every aspect of a project, integrating the interior with its architecture and ensuring project delivery runs smoothly. Of course the end result is incredibly important, but so too is the journey to get there!

Often, when this approach is not taken there is a gap in the process, a conflict between details from the architect and those from the interior designer which can cause technical issues on site. There can also be scheduling problems with insufficient attention being paid to the lead times associated with many interior products and this can cause delays at the end of the build.

From a cost perspective, if the interior finishes are considered after the budget has been all but exhausted on the architecture, then compromises will frequently have to be made. Consequently, the end result of the interior is perhaps underwhelming compared to the quality of the architecture it sits within. We do after all spend our time on the inside of a building, we use the kitchen and bathroom each day, relax in the furniture we sit on, walk on the floors beneath us and look at the finishes around us, therefore a shame to lose sight of this.

Planning a new build or full renovation?

We’re finding more and more clients of new builds or renovations are taking to this mindset too, seeking a holistic service with an appropriate budget being established from the outset.

Thus, if you are planning an architectural project, but place importance on the interior finish and how you will use the space, it is always advisable to discuss this with your architect early in the process and consider bringing in an Interior Designer to coordinate the interior aspects of your home with the Architect’s designs.

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